Our Service

1. Professional Green Cleaning

We only use non-toxic chemicals. Your clothes will feel clean and soft with no odor. Wet cleaning is the safest method in garment cleaning, utilizing gentle washing machine, biodegradable soaps and conditioners. 

2. Same business day service at no extra charge

Same day order in by 10 AM out by 4 PM, (Cotati only)*Same day service applies to regular cleaning and laundry shirts only. Item should be dropped before 10 amend can be picked up after 4 pm in the same day from Monday through Friday except holidays.

3. Shirt laundry at a reasonable price

Our shirts are all  hand finished to handle the area machine can’t catch. We check all shirts andr eplace missing buttons. Ladies blouses are all done by hand. We keep our price reasonable with quality of services. 

4. Professional alteration

We keep the schedule by the due date. We have sewing machines at the store in Santa Rosa, so we can do minor repairs quickly.
(-Trousers shortening.Buttons replacing, Zip adjusting etc.)