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Now We Are Green!

We changed dry cleaning system from perc-cleaning to professional wet cleaning which is known green cleaning from 2010. Before we changed the system to wet cleaning we had severely suffered from the smell from perc. After researching different ways of green cleaning systems we decided to change to professional wet cleaning system. Because many users had very positive experiences and we went a lot of seminars to know about the system well. After all the researching we could have confident about the wet cleaning system and finally we started to do wet cleaning from Jun 2010

After changing system to professional wet cleaning there is no unpleasant smell in our cleaners anymore. One day a customer came and she wanted her clothes only pressed. So we started press only but our employee who does press said she couldn’t bear the smell because the clothes were not cleaned by us. The clothes might be dry cleaned using perc. Before we changed to wet cleaning we hadn’t even felt the smell of the perc that much because we were so used to it. But after a while we changed to professional wet cleaning system, we could realize how the smell from the perc was bad. We were sorry to the old customers and our employee about the toxic smell they had to feel before.

Also the professional system make bright color brighter and especially white clothes get really white after cleaning. We have heard about a lot of customers really want their white clothes white like new one. But it’s not easy to take care clothes like that. But wet cleaning is the best way of cleaning method to solve the problem.

We thank all our customers become our friend. We try to make better service. 

Tiptop Cleaners Team